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Poetry and Books by - Larry Gosselin, OFM

"Unshadowed Light: Poems Inspired by St. Clare of Assisi" Opening the pages of this book, you will find poems of praise for the contemplative side of being. Father Larry's tireless devotion to uplifting and rallying the spirits of all who come to recognize God's divine love, will cherish the communion he...
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"Unshadowed Light: Poems Inspired by St. Clare of Assisi" Opening the pages of this book, you will find poems of praise for the contemplative side of being. Father Larry's tireless devotion to uplifting and rallying the spirits of all who come to recognize God's divine love, will cherish the communion he shares with beloved Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare. However, beyond the multifaceted focus of this book of visionary poems, photographs and art, perhaps you will also find a common theme for peace shared with that of his Holiness, Pope Francis, whose purity of purpose speaks in concord with Saints Francis and Clare and so many others. 

Hidden Sweetness 

"Those who have met this spirited Franciscan--Father Larry-- sometimes wonder, "What is this joyous monk thinking? How can he be so oblivious to my faults, so accepting of my limitations, so positive about a world that possesses so many problems?" Well, now we know. These poems/devotions/awakenings lift the veil on a life lived in perpetual love and gratitude, a consciousness immersed in beauty and in grace. These are indeed the happiest and best thoughts of one of our happiest and best minds. It will find a place on my bookshelf right next to Rumi, Mary Oliver and William Blake. I will read it again and again for spiritual inspiration, moral encouragement, and pure joy." 

"The adventure at the core of this book is the search for the voice of love. Father Larry isn't searching for love-- it clearly lies all around him. He's looking for the words and images to make that love a presence in our lives. And the fact that he succeeds so often and so well, makes these wonderful poems more than poems." 

Robert Inchausti, author of The Ignorant Perfection of Ordinary People, Subversive Orthodoxy, and Thinking Through Thomas Merton 

"Fr. Larry has captured in words what many of us are unable to express but hold in our hearts. This is a great book poems that can become a form of daily meditation.''


I have been Waiting for You, A Personal and Spiritual Journey with Saint Teresa of Kolkata

This remarkable spiritual and personal friendship between Fr. Larry Gosselin and Mother Teresa is one must read in preparation for her upcoming canonization. 

The dream Fr. Larry had prior to meeting her will affirm how their relationship wasn’t just chance but one of Divine Origin. It was the first of many spiritual events that took place during their four year friendship. 

This book contains images that have never been published before that will give the reader an up close and personal look at this remarkable woman. 

Out of all the Bishops and Priests that attended her funeral it was Fr. Larry who gave Mother Teresa her final commendation before she was laid to rest.

“Father Larry Gosselin is a humble Franciscan Friar and a poet of considerable power. His new book, I Have Been Waiting for You, is a memoir about his extraordinary friendship with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, one of the world’s great spiritual figures of the 20th century. Father Larry’s journey took him to Calcutta where he worked with Mother Teresa and became a trusted friend. He shares his loving memories of his friendship with this living saint, whose mission to assist the poorest of the poor made her renowned, respected and revered throughout the world. It is a simple, charming and enlightening memoir, which, like its subject, is filled with grace. Father Larry remembers his time with Mother Teresa with deep humility, love and a poetic touch. “



“Landscapes, Ballad of a Franciscan Troubadour"

“We discover mystery through manners and our true country (what is eternal) through the contours of our ordinary countryside.” John Shea’s tribute to American Catholic novelist Flannery O’Connor in Stories of God (18), might well apply to this book. When Fr. Larry Gosselin invited me, a fellow Washingtonian, to contribute the Foreword to his most recent volume, after a bit of hesitation about the task ahead, I was won over by the thought: “local boy makes good.” We grew up looking at the same views of Mt. Rainier towering over the Cascade Range in the East, dwarfing the fields of daffodils near his native Sumner, and often visible from the porch of my old family home in Tukwila, just a few miles away, above the sluggish Duwamish River. The smells, the sights, the sounds evoked in these pages brought me back, like a Proustian Pacific Northwesterner, to my own roots.

From Puyallup to Macchu Picchu, via Calcutta to Cochabamba, and on to Mescalero and Mexico, this autobiographical travelogue, part journal, part socio-geographico-ethnographic treatise, takes us along on a rollicking journey to meet figures both famous and obscure. Mother Teresa arrives, flanked by Arlo Guthrie and Dolly Parton, Saint Francis and a San Carlos Apache called Al, who was providentially sleepless in Seattle. Tribal blessing ceremonies high in the mountains, homeless encampments under bridges along a river: this landscape is dominated by mountains and water, while its peripatetic author rarely remains long at sea-level.

Yet in the midst of the apparent chaos of missed trains in Zurich, death threats in inner-city alleys and near-misses with potentially disastrous consequences, the intrepid traveller here, the friar, priest, troubadour and poet, manages somehow, surprisingly, or miraculously, to make it through, a Jack Armstrong of sorts, surviving to tell the tale.

It was in one of these moments, recounted toward the end of this book, that I most recently became a part of these adventures. A surprising call from the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, where I live, asked for help with this fellow Franciscan who had just undergone emergency triple-bypass heart surgery. Only in hindsight did I learn how nearly fatal was Larry’s collapse outside the tomb of St. Francis in Assisi a few days earlier. Over the weeks of his slow recovery with our friar community at St. Isidore’s College we were able to reminisce about times long ago and places far away. I wonder now if this book was just in the making during those long days of enforced rest. But the lesson learned there is one whose woof runs through the warp of his tales: God’s constant presence and love is always present, unconditionally, everywhere, for everyone. The troubadour who speaks in these pages follows his own concluding advice to us as readers, to make “a new way straight on the landscape of our life,” a landscape where all is “grace and gift.”

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