Mindful Movement


Yoga Practices, Pilates Training, and The Melt Method workshops are currently being migrated (temporarily to digital formats) to Vimeo and Youtube Channels.  



Ongoing- Sunday Yoga Class 

  • While the Shelter-in-Place we are managing to work with public health advisors and are in close monitoring of planning for best practices from here forward.
  • Our class will be revised, hours will be changed to accommodate pre- and post-session protocols, as well as to eliminate the overlap, and full consideration will be given for hygiene and room sanitation protocols for classes, as well as procedures for arrivals or departures.
  • Touchless payment options are being instituted as well as screening and intake forms for general information and conditions. 
  • For all these reasons the classes are active online only at this time.


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    MELT Method Training with Mary Uebersax
    * June 13-19, 2020 *
    8:30-9:15am Daily

    This is a 7-Day introductory online program to develop and practice the MELT Method basic Hand and Foot Treatments, Rebalance, Upper Body and Lower Body sequences.

    More information, and Register, HERE.


    See our *EVENTS* link for current (distanced) class offerings!
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