Gifts, Gallery and Center for Healing


An inspirational, new age gift shop and gallery with an array of healing services and events. We are dedicated to sustaining quality art and fair trade goods.

EarthTones offers a great selection of relaxation, meditation, and healing supplies including music, candles and your favorite brands of incense, essential oils, lotions, anointing oils and spirit sprays.
We are proudly located in the heart of beautiful downtown
Paso Robles, California.

With ample space, we have on-site massage therapy, Yoga/Pilates/Melt Method Classes, and Reiki Healing.
Community activities include: Spiritual Workshops, Poetry Readings, Guest Artists, Coaching and Meditation Groups.

We hope to offer you a tranquil space to reflect, grow and share.

Create your own sanctuary.

At EarthTones, we supply items for you to thrive at your home or work environments. Create the atmosphere you desire with some of our recommendations.

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Reiki & Massage Healing with Mary Uebersax

Mary Uebersax is delighted to share massage therapy, holistic practices and commitment to health at any age.

Mindful Movement

** Due to current CoVID19 precautions, classes are not being held in the Whole Balance studio. Some classes are currently available via video, and private classes (via video) can be arranged, as well. Please contact us at for details. **

Mary Uebersax guides participants through restorative and strengthening practices. Each class adapts for multiple levels of training addressing proper alignment and touches on emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a practice.

All classes involve instruction individualized with modifications with use of props and support so that students are encouraged to progress safely and develop an intuitive communication with their body.