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Tools for Evolution

Exclusive Line of Vogel faceted crystals  This especially selected collection of Jewelry brings nature, consciousness and design into sacred geometry formulations. All are created as evolutionary tools to assist in growth, transformation and connected authentically to ones soul. Wearing the gemstones designed by a lightworker, crystal healer and IBM scientist Marcel...
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Exclusive Line of Vogel faceted crystals 

This especially selected collection of Jewelry brings nature, consciousness and design into sacred geometry formulations. All are created as evolutionary tools to assist in growth, transformation and connected authentically to ones soul.
Wearing the gemstones designed by a lightworker, crystal healer and IBM scientist Marcel Vogel  can help with intuitive guidance. As the formulations make a personal connection they assist Lightworkers to share their gifts and transform with the universal properties of the gemstones. 

Marcel Vogel found that raw quartz crystals each provided a unique signature vibration. By enhancing the quartz through faceting, Vogel mastered consistent vibratory patterns for each cut. These facets "tune" the crystal, providing a base program that the crystal will then hold and work 

Included: velvet hard jewelry case. Complementary card with instructions for Clearing and Programming your crystal.

The Cut and Styles

Angelic Star: Access the Angels to create an opening through which we can connect ourselves with undiscovered worlds and experiences. Star energy is potentially a higher vibration than the earthly plane. It helps us transcend the 3D (dimensional) body to 6D and 7D Star Seeds.

Ascension Star: Abundance and Manifestation helping soul to lay a solid foundation for the "Heart of the Christos" and divine flow of "Om" to thrive and grow.

Earth Heart Crystal: The Temple manifests the four-fold geometry, which signifies both harmony and stability, creating a peaceful refuge in alignment with the deep and pure Heart of the Earth, revealing lessons in Oneness and facilitating humanity in achieving global consciousness.

Flower of Life: Christ consciousness opens a radiant field in all life as connection to the Flower of Life. The wearer can connection and manifest with Divine Order.

Infinite Eye: Infinite Flow & Intuition is seen through the classic symbol for intuition and develops the pathway of communication and communion with the Self Divine.

Magician Stone and Magician Stone Mini: Centering and Co-Creating is the nature of evolution and using this powerful geometric organization can brings both extraordinary luck & abundance.

Radiant Heart & Radiant Heart Mini: Unconditional Love is brought to  the wearer to and attunes them with the powerful and fulfilling vibration of love. And unconditional love for self, remember is the first step to take to claim this energy more fully in our lives and for the world.

Star of David: Balance and protection operates in this powerful sacred geometry design (and has for millennia) to help effortless balance among male and female, heaven and earth, humanity and the divine.

Star of Venus: Drawing on the Earth is a consciousness and not to be taken lightly. A five pointed star, celebrates union with the Earth and creation through each of the five elements (fire, air, earth, water & spirit). Venus, the jewel of the sky, was once known as the morning and evening star because it shined the brightest. Associated also with the goddess of love, the Star of Venus is a reminder to uncover your soul's beauty by allowing it to evolve and illuminate.

Super Nova & Super Nova Mini: New Perceptions gives us perspective and transcends every day reality. Using this is helpful in seeing the “parts” as well as the big picture. Hexagonal facets resemble bumblebee’s eye ball.

The Minerals and Gems

Angel Aura is an energizing stone. It helps to heal stressful relationships. The illumination assists in conflict resolution and objectivity.

Amethyst the healing powers of amethyst also enhance a spiritual journey towards enlightenment. Amethyst purifies and amplifies healing and spiritual energies. Balances the emotions and transmutes energy blocks. It moderates overindulgence and is considered the stone of sobriety.

Aqua Aura

Blue Topaz aids in the search for the truth. It helps in times of stress. This is a manifestation stone that allows one to be able to communicate their desires effectively.


Clear Quartz helps in clarity. Quartz helps each of us to find our own inner light.

Colombian Obsidian the light blue is gentle and calming while allowing the conscious release of unconscious information.

Moldavite has an extremely high vibration and it helps open and clear blocks in any of the chakras. It is an excellent meditation stone, used at the heart, third eye and crown chakra. It is a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Mystic Topaz raises your consciousness with the Divine, while staying grounded to every day experience. It allows you to see deep into your own being, helping you skillfully navigate your spiritual pathway. Wearing the stone brings your mind and intention into harmony.

Peridot healing helps in understanding the changes in one's life. Protects the body. A warm and friendly stone.i

Pink Tourmaline brings love, and spirituality together. This gemstone brings growth, joy and harmony.

Ruby Lavender Quartz is a laboratory created quartz (rich in Neodymium, a rare earth element), assists in activating the "High Heart". It is helpful in filtering and cleansing empathetic negativity.

Siberian Blue Quartz grown in Russia. Enhances psychic insight and development.

Siberian Gold Quartz grown in Russia. Brings balance and enhances one's connection with the 'higher self' and the gemstone improves insight.

Siberian Purple Quartz grown in Russia. Helps to transform blocked energy and balances emotions.

Tibetan Green Obsidian found along the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet. Promotes love, peace and joy, removes obstacles to living according to those principles. It will help dissolve barriers to achieve alignment with our highest potential.

Tibetan Blue Obsidian found along the river banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet. It is useful in cultivating serenity and divination, insight, and the correction of misinterpretation.

White Topaz


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