Yoga: Together * Alone

Mary Uebersax

Yoga: Together * Alone

It has felt Great to have maintained the Sunday morning yoga class using online platform of Zoom.  "I love sharing yoga with individuals. My focus is to help us embrace quality time for ourselves, managing our flexibility, and exercise." When reviewing for myself and the classmates the before and after of our classes we are all more mindful and prepared to connect to our day with centeredness and growth.

Here is a mini class from my yoga library to help you restore energy. Please consider the guidelines for practice and safety.

Experience Yoga Online

Please stay tuned. You will soon find additional classes and can also get a notification as they are added.

From my 24 years of teaching yoga, I have found that groups who practice together regularly enjoy special benefits that strengthen our personal and societal journeys.

Enjoy our evolving classes as we conceive new ways to bring the group experience digital. We will also strengthen our community practices at the yoga studio and mini-retreat settings as soon as possible. 

Continue, In Peace.  Mary