Begin With Awareness

Mary Uebersax

Begin With Awareness

“You can thank creativity for having blessed you with a charmed, interesting, passionate existence.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


Are you craving a little more of that expansive summertime optimism? The end phase of summer is here and it’s time to take steps to identify how your journey towards life mastery, personal growth, and well-being will take shape.

Know that a journey requires patience, especially as we enter into a phase of Mercury Retrograde (Aug. 23-Sep. 14). If we can empower ourselves with clarity and motivation the possible will be achievable.

Make A Plan 

At the start of Summer, try to clarify your dream by enhancing it with SMART goals. Smart goals emphasize visions that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Dreams provide endless inspiration, help us to manage change, and encourage us to follow creative pursuits. When the time comes to take action, pause and adopt goal-setting techniques to realize success.

           My Story: Mary Uebersax,

Using the simplicity of the smart goals technique has advanced my wistful idea to design tutorials for my students to reenforce mindful movement skills. 

I got SPECIFIC about designing a weekly training guide. Next, I clarified teaching steps that could be MEASUREABLE. Trial and error showed me that ACHIEVABLE means attainable. So I am customizing programs to inspire and motivate viewers and stress continued progress. I connected to my life’s purpose making this goal RELEVANT. Finally, giving it a timeline has increased my time management skills. This TIME-BOUND venture has a good chance of being com

Slow Steady Steps

Mercury is in retrograde and simultaneously the perk or blessing is we’ve landed with the arduous and somewhat nagging energy of Virgo. School is back in session and the summer tropical storms and monsoons are churning energy all around. Taking action is personally challenging: physically, emotionally, and energetically. Be considerate of your needs and realistic of your current bandwidth for change. Address aspects of your current experience with gentleness and harmony.  


After reading this, take a little time to witness your energy, reflect, and connect to your guides. Stimulate your positive energy by recalling one of your most empowering achievements. After this quiet time, place your hands on your heart and allow the inspiration to crystallize. Then, write down your SMART goal, and use the guideline to flesh out your plan.

Evaluate, Regroup, Sustain

Keep up the motivation by reviewing the goal periodically. Select and commit to an ideal time to review the goals and the steps you’ve selected. Whether weekly or daily it can renew your commitment and allow for the adjustments you may need.

Next, keep moving. If you want a challenge join my MELT classes, schedule a private movement session (Yoga, Pilates, MELT) or group walk. We move our bodies and our consciousness together.

Finally: Keep your attention on what matters. Create a mantra or affirmation that will keep you steadily moving toward your goal. 


What is a whisper now will begin to roar. Keep connecting to your inner voice and energy with a good clear intention. I wish you the best. Let’s begin…..