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Do you desire a boost of support and to receive some inspiration?

Wanting to hone-in on your own intuitive skills and refine your practice?

Would you like to play and feel the joy that intuitive practice can bring?









Mary (Pisces) channels, connects and through visionary light work helps her clients, individuals and groups take charge of their health and emotional well-being. She offers live and remote Energy Adjustments,  Chakra Balancing, Soul Retrieval, Tarot and Guidance readings.


These systems combine years of studies in wisdom traditions, training with intuitive studies programs and ongoing work on ascension. Her teachers include master teachers in Tarot, I Ching, Lakota Medicine Path, Buddhism and Christian Wisdom School. 



  • Energy Adjustment: involves scanning the body and creating a dialog with blockages. The storehouse of information will also include the best method for releasing and restoring. The techniques also incorporate E3 therapies, guided imagery, muscle testing and Soul Retrieval.

  • Chakra Balancing: allows the recipient to feel the movement of energy connecting to all energy systems. The techniques may be either in combination or solely breath work, Reiki, crystal placements and application of essential oils.

  • Guidance readings: involve intuitive systems such as IChing, knowledge cards, and other oracle or divination decks. The summary of our personal coding is enhanced as the guidance opens energy channels for new approaches in one's journey. 


$50 per hour session.



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** Please remember: Intuitive readings are not substitutes for medical practitioners.