EarthTones, located in the heart of downtown Paso Robles is a refreshingly tranquil space to reflect, grow and
    center. Developed over 15 years Mary & Greg initiated with a center for Massage Therapy and Reiki Healing. In 2000
    they expanded to teaching Yoga and other mindful movement and currently include a full array of gifts, art and self
    awareness tools along with a place workshops, spiritual gatherings, and exhibitions. Massage Therapy, Reiki and
    Yoga remain the central point of Mary's daily efforts while the shoppe is open seven days a week.

    Paso Robles downtown provides a convenient, biking and walking-
    friendly area and allows EarthTones to be a showcase for local
    artists and noteworthy programs. The beautiful Central Coast is a
    perfect location to explore and innovation and take a personal

    EarthTones provides activities including healing therapies
    (massage and Reiki); movement classes in Yoga, Tai Chi and
    Pilates, and ongoing meditation and special training for
    meditation, intuitive guidance, art and more.

    Summery activities including Crystal Healing Training, Meditation
    Group and Thoughtful Book Club. Our event calendar is
    announces monthly activities and new happenings. Please come it
    for current schedule and to be added to our update notices.

    For more information on EarthTones events or register please click on event above.

Gifts, Gallery & Center for Healing
Conscious Living --Inspired by Nature
Experience Tranquility, 2 blocks from Downtown City Park, nestled among cafe, restuarants and shopping.
Phone:  (805) 238-4413  Email:  Location: 1319 Park Street, Paso Robles, 93466  
    With many unique items and a beautiful
    atmosphere, the gift store and gallery is
    always flush with  handcrafted products
    and one-of-a-kind treasures. We strive
    to help you create a tranquil life or
    transform your home into a sanctuary
    with inspirational tools, and objects of
    beauty. EarthTones is dedicated to
    quality art and fair trade goods, bringing
    a personal connection to communities
    around the world. Inside enjoy a
    selection of crafters, writers, musicians
    and artists doing whose work may
    inspire you. EarthTones also offers a
    great selection of relaxing, meditation,
    and healing supplies including music,
    beeswax candles and your favorite
    brands of incense, essential oils,
    massage creams, lotions, anointing oils
    and spirit sprays.

    Come discover how the EarthTones experience can help you
    develop and maintain tranquility and a sanctuary for your soul.