Reiki as Universal Life Energy

    Reiki is a Japanese word, that when translated, means Universal Life Energy and
    i is the creative energy that is life itself. Reiki is also the name given to the
    natural hands-on healing method practiced by Dr. Mikao Usui and is an easy to
    learn system of self healing or helping others.

Reiki promotes a spiritual way of life.  By spiritual, it is meant a totality – a way of life that
allows everyone to experience their true purpose through pure love energy.   To experience
Reiki to the fullest, one needs to embrace it and allow it to become a way of life. As such,
Mikao Usui has given the following guidelines to help focus our intentions and peacefully
approach difficult times:

     The Reiki Principles

  • Just for today, do not worry.
  • Just for today, do not anger.
  • Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
  • Earn your living honestly.
  • Show gratitude to every living thing.

    'A Reiki life is a life of unity, joy and peace'

    Reiki Attunement
    Level 1 January 31-February 2, 2020
    Level 2 February 28-March 2, 2020
    Anticipated beginning of Fall. Please contact 805-238-4413

Reiki is more than a method to be used to relieve a headache or stress. Reiki affects the spirit
and the mind, and all the while it is healing the body.  Stress is such a big factor in our lives
today.  It seems to affect most of us.  The more we can relieve stress in our lives, the more
our bodies are able carry out the healing process.  Reiki does no’t always produce dramatic,
instantaneous results.  Rather, as Reiki begins to work, there is a gradual process of relief.  
Soon we realize that “My back is not’t hurting as much as it used to”, or I don’t have as many
headaches as I used to.” Or maybe, “I don’t seem to react so negatively to that particular
circumstance as I used to.”

Reiki is often introduced as part of a meditation and healing session.  A state of meditation is
helpful, because your body and your spirit are more relaxed and therefore more easily
receptive to the healing energy that is being channeled through the body. If you have not yet
become adept at entering a meditative state, “practice makes perfect”.  The more you
meditate, the easier it becomes and the more profound is the impact.

But, you don’t have to meditate for Reiki to work. Just relax, and let it happen.  Soon you will
begin to notice a different focus in your attitude, more loving, more relaxed, more giving, less
stressed.  Both body and mind work together to accomplish powerful things. The Universal
Life Energy that comes into your life from Reiki affects both.  By letting that energy into your
life you will see the wondrous difference.

History of Reiki

In the middle 1800’s Dr. Mikao Usui was the Dean of a small Christian university in Kyoto,
Japan. His students often asked him about the healing miracles they studied in the Bible. He
could only reply that he believed in the Bible, and that he followed the teachings of Christ to
the letter. However, because he was unable to answer his students’ questions properly, he
began a quest to learn how healing took place. In his search for information, accounts say
that he ultimately studied at the University of Chicago’s Theological Seminary.

Not satisfied still, Dr. Usui returned to Japan, studying and seeking information about the
healing of Buddha. These questions led him to China, India, and Tibet, where he studied the
ancient Sanskrit writings, hoping to find answers there. In the 1800’s, Tibetan scrolls were
found that were interpreted to read that St. Isa had traveled there. Many scholars believe St.
Isa to actually be Jesus. Whether Dr. Usui found these same scrolls, or perhaps another
ancient form of healing, we don’t know. We do know that he returned to Japan feeling
enlightened, but he sensed there was still something missing.

After much discussion with an old friend, an Abbot, he went to Mt. Kuriyama where he
meditated and fasted for 21 days, at which time he was struck in the center of his forehead
by a blinding light. A multitude of rainbow-colored bubbles appeared before a three
dimensional Sanskrit character in gold. He realized that these symbols were the key for a
natural method of healing. In his return from his retreat at Mt. Kuriyama, he experienced four
miracles, which confirmed this certainty. He ultimately lived out his life using this healing art to
benefit humankind and developing the Reiki principles that help us live the Reiki way.

Reiki – First Degree

Whether your goal is to improve self healing or treat others, a Reiki attunement will deepen
your connection to the healing energy and set you on your way to the balancing and loving
healing tool. Taught by
Mary Uebersax, Reiki Master, this first degree training consists of a
one-day class, you will receive the attunements that will start you on your way to becoming a
Reiki practitioner.  By the end of the day, you will understand the hand positions, and you will
have practiced Reiki healing energy on yourself and on the other students.  You will now be
able to channel healing to yourself and others.

Healing starts with an attitude.  After completion of your first Reiki class, your body, mind, and
spirit will undergo a positive cleansing experience.  Negative energies are replaced with
positive thoughts and actions, providing you follow the Reiki principles.

Reiki – Second Degree

If you choose to advance after your 21-day cleansing period, you will now be ready to take a
one-day class in the second level of Reiki healing.  Remember, you can practice Reiki healing
on yourself and others, after completing Reiki – First Degree.

During First Degree attunements, you elevated your physical body energies.  With Second
Degree attunements, your mental energies will be elevated.

You will also learn the keys, or symbols, that enhance Reiki energy.  These are the symbols
that Dr. Usui saw and experienced at the end of his 21-day fast and meditation atop Mt. Kuri
Yama.  With the knowledge and practice of these symbols, you will be able to send Reiki
healing energy across short or long distances.  And, you will be able to cleanse rooms,
people, “your space”, of negative energies.

When you strengthen your body and mind, your higher self takes over.  You become a
spiritual person.  Old habit patters will give way.  You will understand your struggles, and life
will become easier.

Reiki – Third Degree (Master)

Reiki III, consisting of Advanced Reiki training and Master training, is a natural step for those
who want to teach Reiki
. Before enrolling in a Reiki Master class, a student must prove his or
her dedication toward the healing arts.  A student must show a concern and commitment
toward all life.  A student must exhibit a spiritual attitude in her or his daily life, and must
prove that positive energy can turn a negative situation into a memorable experience.

Reiki Masters must know how to surround themselves with positivity.  A Reiki master must
prove that they can carry, and pass on, an ancient tradition for the betterment of humankind.

During this class the student will be introduced to specific methods of meditating on the
symbols, connecting to Reiki Guides, scanning the aura, beaming the energy and any other
healing aids or therapies the teaching Reiki Master is familiar with. For example crystals,
gemstones, pendulums and floral essences to mention a few.

Two more symbols are also introduced, these symbols are both used when giving
attunements. One of them are also used during healing.

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