Tune In and Select the Perfect Gift

December Holidays are celebrated for gift-giving and special gestures. Traditions give opportunity to meet up with and show
special people in your life that you care. This year, take a personal approach to the holidays and learn how to improve your sense
of connection to your friends, families and customers.

Make gift-giving a time to focus on meaningful and personal gifts. Some key categories of focus:

  1. What is their astrological sign?
  2. What is their spirit animal or totem?
  3. Who is their Guardian Angel or Patron Saint?
  4. If they are focusing on personal transformation what Chakra is associated with that goal?
  5. Is there a spiritual quality the person is meditating on?
  6. Is there a personal quality or talent in which this person shines?

Answers to these questions can help as you prepare to purchase or make a gift or even select the perfect card or wrapping paper.

Selecting for the individual can be based on personality and can elevate the your selection for the individual. Based on "True
Colors" consider if they are a type who is:  a thinker, always analyzing, like a
GREEN; An inspirer who works to build self-esteem
as a
BLUE;  the responsible one who is always on time and keeping everyone else on time like a GOLD; the entertainer who
continually uplifts those around them like an

Consider how attuning  to the Third Eye Chakra can help them develop more intuitive skills through oracles, crystals, and
meditation. How focusing on the
Second Chakra can strengthen their home base and security.

    EarthTones Holiday Season Plan

Along with your list of gift recipients, here are 10 Planning Techniques to help you focus your gift-giving:

Step 1: Give gifts because you want to, not because you are obligated to do so.  
    Giving a gift should be an easy exchange not an ordeal. Try not do give simply because you want to please someone?

Step 2: Take notes and make lists.
    Try to look for clues when speaking to the person. Usually hidden in conversation is something that he/she needs.

Step 3: Celebrate the little things.
    While getting a little more personal is acceptable here, avoid
    anything too expensive, too intimate or too unique, especially with
    coworkers or customers.

Step 4: Express yourself, your recipient, and your relationship.
    Take a moment to write down important characteristics of the
    recipient or your relationship with them. Then make another list
    of gifts that would be considerate for those traits. For instance if
    they person is worldly & humble consider a unique tea and serving pieces.

Step 5: Give something they would never buy themselves.
    Buying gifts requires lots of imagination. Do your research and
    look for creative, unique, personalized and uncommon gifts.
    Gifts that reflect the person's need and often appreciated. Gifts that are focused on their enjoyment, enrichment and well-
    being reflect the thoughtfulness that goes into that selection for the individual.

Step 6: Keep the individual in mind.
    If you're giving gifts on behalf of a business or organization, incorporate the organization or group's style into your gifts.
    Define a way to make your gifts stand out and represent both sides of the relationship and avoids self promotion.

Step 7: Present your gift well.
    For example, if you know of something that they especially love—e.g. Are they are a chocolate, cheese or wine
    connoisseur? Then add a little embellishment of that in your gift. Or make a gift basket making a myriad of really special
    selections. Bottom line: the basket is merely a vessel. Put something in it that reflects the uniqueness of the person

Step 8: Include a handwritten note.
    Think about how you can put your personal stamp on your gift. Whether it's a person you work with exclusively or more of a
    company-to-company relationship, your holiday gift is a chance to express your gratitude and good will.

Step 9: Send your gifts on time.
    Look over your whole December/January calendar and know when the holiday parties are. Consider distance of sending
    packages. Identify and plan out your wrapping & shipping agencies/partners.

Step 10: Look for inspiration everywhere.
    Make a short list of what you know about each person's favorite hobbies or pastimes. What are their age, gender and
    favorite styles? Would they enjoy handcrafted versus whimsical gifts?  Think about where they go on vacation, what
    restaurants they like, movies or musical genres they favor or books they read. Now think of a category such as jewelry,
    food, books, or musical interests. You might also journal about the individual to think about where you met or what their
    relationship has meant to you.

Take it one step more - for each person you want to deeply plan, take an assessment for that person. In this way, you will be able
to think of some gift ideas that will suit the personality of the person who will receive the gift. We've given you some ideas from our
store and also welcome you to visit the
Park Street Shops in Paso Robles can help you find just about anything that completes
your list.

    What is their style, sharply dressed or casual?
                   Shawls, scarves, jewelry, hats
    What do they like to do on their Leisure Time?
                   books, yoga information
    Do they seem to prefer gadgets or tools?
                   books, singing bowls
    Are they a Movie Buff and if so what type of film?
                    DVD rental --a ticket to Conscious Growth
    Are they a Nature Lover?
                   Colorful Books with Nature photograph and poems.
    Are they Chefs At Heart? Do they get a thrill with grilling?
                   Lots of local culinary delights nearby and Mystic Cookbooks
    Are they fitness buffs or do they love the outdoors?
                   Yoga, Melt and Pilates Gift Certificates
    Do they have a Green Thumb?
                   Biodynamic Guides
    Are they forever Romanticist?
                   Massage and Dinner for Two
    Consider if they are Recently Retired?
                   Classes on meditation and peditation
    Do they groove on photography?
                   EarthTones Artists
    Are they a Pet Lover?
    Do they have it all?
                   Massage Therapy Gift Certificates
    New Mother, Father, Job or Home?
                  Books on any topic - we can order for you
    Would they simply enjoy Stocking Stuffers? Or Holiday Décor?
                   Check out EarthTones New Product Features
    When in doubt Is coffee, candy or wine the answer or do you have to honestly stay away from that?
                   Organic dark chocolate, coffee, and wine right nearby.

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