JoAnne Hunot
Lost and Found Angel
Storytellerkeys are part of Joann
e's  vintage
creations using keys, watch parts & crystals.
Her new innovations include great holiday
decorations and inspired accents for that
special place in y our home.
It's fun to display
wear a piece of history and tell the story.
Vintage angels that guide and protect are
perfect symbols for personal journeys.
Gifts, Gallery & Center for Healing             

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00-6:00 p.m., Sunday 10:00-4:00 p.m.
1319 Park Street, Paso Robles (805) 238-4413.

Rosi Lusardi - Sun Myth Studio

Talent and skill with whimsy and
transluscence....Rosi's craft capturing the
light during this Winter taking elements like
fused glass, driftwood, metal, beads and
odd recycled "stuff" and with talent and skill
emanates whimsy and translucence. Enjoy
jewelry and decor pieces collections or find
personalized gifts that will radiate gardens
and sparkle in corners of your home.
Visit Aspire Gallery

Full Frame - An Art Exhibit by Kathy Clarke
Inspirational Photography-Prose Book
by Cathy and Kamryn Clarke
Come join us in celebrating the art tat inspired  "Whispers of Wonder: a Journey of Beauty and
Balance." Enjoy the ambiance of the venue, and shop locally for some great holiday gifts including
signed copies of their coffee table book.
Purple Door Pottery
with Anne Lewis

To own unique stoneware pottery
means that you can enjoy eating or
drinking from handmade works of art!
So, if you’re searching for that new
perfect coffee or beer mug, a beautiful
fruit bowl, jars for stashing a lot of
something or just small treasures,
perhaps even a new set of dinnerware
for yourself or as a gift, step
EearthTones to see the variety of
pottery we feature.