Mary Uebersax

    Mary’s focus incorporates Body-Mind-Spirit coaching to help students
    reduce stress, recover from injury and enhance overall fitness and health.
    She has conducted wellness programs for 20 years, where her work in
    stress management and therapeutic massage has contributed to
    community, business and fitness education She works full-time as a
    holistic practitioner and Yoga instructor for private individuals, group
    retreats and offers classes in downtown Paso Robles as well as local
    health clubs and . She and her husband Greg also own EarthTones Gifts,
    Gallery & Center for Healing in Paso Robles.

The Body-Mind-Spirit approach empowers the body and helps explore the balance of inner and outer
environments. This approach enhances personal progress and healing while strengthening the body.
Combining work as a Licenses Massage Therapist, Mary is studied in Western and Eastern healing
traditions and Yoga. She also directs programs at her facility, EarthTones, and is asked to speak
throughout the community. Her background allows a depth of care where individuals can have a well-
rounded focus for progress.

Trained in Hatha Yoga through the Iyengar method in the late 90’s,
her classes also incorporate certification in Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga.
She has a personal practice in Kundalini Yoga and Vipassana Meditation.
She continued group fitness training in 1999 with the NIA Technique,
a choreographed blend of dance, Yoga and Pilates, and is certified as a
White Belt Instructor. She is now trained in Stott Pilates.

Mary finds it very rewarding to work with individuals in Massage Therapy,
Yoga, Pilates or other movement forms. “I see tremendous progress in
recovery from injury or surgery, growth in understanding the body, and a
better connection to physical exercise.” In speaking on her blend of teaching techniques she states, “I
love the combination of Yoga and Pilates, they reinforce each other beautifully….each technique provides
a special but powerful component to a person’s overall wellness. I find that they improve individuals’
freedom of movement and support other sports or recreation activities. Ultimately, they help an individual
develop a better relationship with the body’s core, focus and stamina.
Each person has a personal path
to healing, yet the tailored exercise forms of Yoga and Pilates can significantly reduce pain and improve
one’s outlook for long-term recovery.” States Mary.

Mary works with youth as well as mature populations but enjoys her special emphasis with the
therapeutic community. She works with individuals that have arthritis, back and neck concerns, pre-and
post surgical, as well as chronic illness and immune disorders. Her therapeutic classes have helped
oncology patients and individuals with M.S. and Fibromyalgia.

    “One of the things I love about working with Mary is her sincerity and integrity and very real
    concern for the people whose bodies are put in her care.” Contributes a long term client, “I
    know that she is well versed in her craft and does what is right for me. She understands
    limitations and is one of the finest therapists I’ve ever worked with.”     E.Klinger, Atascadero

With 18 years experience, Mary became certified with the Florida Medical Board in Massage Therapy and
Reiki in 1994 and continues an active practice with individuals ranging from 5 to 95. In 2005, she and her
husband opened EarthTones Aspire, a center for healing arts in Paso Robles and now offers services as
well as resources and a facility for information and training on subjects relating to health, meditation, and
conscious living

“Conscious living involves being mindful at every level. Gratitude is a key to experience more joy, more
fulfillment and stimulates more meaningful creativity and balance in life.”