About Us:  
Gifts, Gallery &
Center for Healing

In July 2005, Mary and Greg brought their dreams into being by opening EarthTones Gifts & Gallery --
a space where a conscious-living community could keep in touch, showcase their ideas and grow
together. Mary and Greg have continued to grow and share ideas and there is a dramatic groundswell of
support. In September 2008 the relocated to Paso Robles where it features local art, distinct handcrafted
artisan goods with a global focus to support sustainable communities and not-for-profit groups.  
EarthTones continues to offer events for the body, mind, and spirit. Greg attends to customer care and
design and Mary "Fire Fox" maintains a schedule of healing services, yoga and pilates classes and
coordinates ceremony, Reiki training, ongoing lectures and seminars.

EarthTones is a neighborhood store where Buying Local may be give you good ideas for bringing in
beauty and keeping green. Also giving back to community events means we see and be the change we
want to have in our world. You can join us for Reiki Circles

Our lecture series' helps to develop relationships among people of similar mind and there is a hopeful
compilation to be released in the Blog
EarthTones and Truths. Mary and Greg welcome other "seekers" to
use their workshop space for trainings, lectures, book signing, or art exhibits.

Mary came to the conscious living movement from a career in international development. Her strong
passions for humanitarian work and sustainable development involved her in programs that built
economic stability and addressed environmental concerns throughout the Western Hemisphere. While in
the economic and political arenas, she became aware of the possible paradigm shift and continued to
work with the consciousness community and futurists.

Mary became a massage therapist, Reiki Master, yoga instructor and minister; shifting her full time from
the social-political arena to the healing arts. She helps individuals recognize their intuitive gifts and
maintain their focus on positive progress. She now embodies the shift and embraces the potentials and
those around her increase environmental stewardship and spiritual growth.

Greg came from a career in facilities management and carpentry. He has many artistic talents and has an
uncanny touch of design and
feng shui, attributing his skills to his mother's artistic influence. Coming from
a small Indiana town where craftsmanship and friendliness is revered, Greg combines a gentle eye with
great practical application of his vision. Just seeing him change the products and displays in the store or
following the seasonal changes in the garden is marvelous. He is like a quiet monk in the store and
regularly lends a compassionate ear to visitors.

For more information call (805) 238-4413.